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July 23, 2009


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Christina Katz

This is good. You should take a poll on Twitter of other writers' quirks. Would be fun!


Stunningly beautiful new photo on your cover page! cjm


Hi Kristin!
Great to meet you on Twitter. Some of my writer quirks:
1) I usually have to write on a computer, because I can type at the speed I think. No preferred location. I'm a mother of a two-year-old girl and I have a full time job, so I write whenever and wherever. Kitchen island while making dinner, on the couch while she watches Dora the Explorer ...
2) Pencil/paper is only for "non-serious" writing such as ideas, journaling, and thoughts. I use a BIC pencil #2 0.5mm, yellow legal pad, and I must be horizontal (lying in the bed).
3) My main sources of inspiration are art and poetry. I love to visit museums and take notes on what the art makes me feel. I love reading the best poetry I can find and just absorbing the language.
4) When I do have a long stretch of time to write, I like to make a big pot of green tea. I sip out of one of five Royal Albert teacups my mother gave me for my birthday. I also nibble on Le Petits Beurre biscuits which I buy 6 boxes at a time.
5) Last quirk - I am a huge fan of Google. I set goals for myself in Google Calendar and write in Google Docs (so I can access the work on any computer, anywhere). I set up search queries in Google Alerts when I am researching for a story. My husband says I love Google so much I should have married it.

Laura at The Journal of Cultural Conversation

Hi Kristin! Yes, I do have one - I must have Diet Coke handy at all times! It's mandatory :)

Stacy S. Jensen

I have a tendency to "steal" pens. When my husband and I recently bought a house, I officially announced it with We bought a house and I got two pens! (I sort of lifted the pens from the bank and closing agency, because I thought I should have a parting gift. I, of course, disclosed this so I received the pens with permission.

Watch your pens around me, I can never have too many.

Fred Hatman

I keep losing my pens. My quirk, however, is the obsession with trying to work the word "humungous" into whatever I am writing. That and "SA-positive". As in South Africa. My beloved country. Which I rave about in my blog. Please have a look at it. www.fredhatman.co.za ... I will follow yours... I hear Shanghai is wonderful and, er, humungous? Warmest, Fred

Lindsay Price

Oh I'm with you on the pen thing. Pens are serious. I like my pens. Good writing only happens when you have the right pen.

Of course, when I carry 7-10 (or 12... 14....) pens in my purse at a time, it can take me a while to find the right pen... :)

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