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September 09, 2009


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Wow! You're an amazing woman, needless to say, m'dear. Your sense of humor about the challenges and opportunties you face living in China will see you through. You made me chuckle much this a.m.!

Karrie Z Myton

I second that first comment. I'll be doing what I can (including buying your book). I'm thinking of launching a blog related to my work as an ESL teacher. If I get it together in time, I'd love to interview you for my debut. A book with an immigrant protagonist would be grand.

banana_the_poet/Michele Brenton

Sympathies! I live in Greece and I am just about to publish the first of a series of seven poetry books in the UK.
I've got it much easier than you - and I think my situation is tricky enough :)
Good luck!

Melissa Lynch

Realized that I had most of the "Support Kristin/Thirsty" checklist done except for actually posting! Read the first installment and can't wait to read the whole book (which I have preordered on Amazon - item #1 -- check). Hang in there and enjoy the wonderful, chaotic ride.

Amy Bennett U.

Having semi-obsessively read everything I can about you & your life over the past 48 hours (since I "re-discovered" you), I see you as a woman who has a great voice and WILL be heard as YOU CAME TO LIVE OUT LOUD, and you are. In case you haven't lately, turn around and pat yourself on the back.
Having not done this before (traveled across the world to "do" your book deal WITH CHILD IN TOW!!!!) you sound very realistically prepared. The "with child in tow" is not to be taken lightly (I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old and travel to Pgh with some frequency---no jet lag involved, though) and you've allowed a great amount of time to recover from jet-lag and re-group.
I'd like to order from Amazon to support your "spike"(?) day and hope to make it to a signing in the 'burg. Hope Tully gets to enjoy her first(?) Danny's hoagie (412-833-7788 in case you need their #). The duck pond at South Park is nice these days, buffalo are hard to see.

You'll do great. Some things won't come off as planned, as to be expected, and it will all be okay. :o)

Supporting you from VA

Laura - The Journal of Cultural Conversation

You are a trooper and keep such a positive attitude despite all the technological and sleep obstacles! So excited for THIRSTY and the upcoming greatness to come for you!

Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Hi All,

Thanks so much for all the support! A friend in Indiana (who is doing a kick-ass job spreading the word about THIRSTY) said to me about the THIRSTY campaign last night, "Grassroots, baby!" And that struck a chord with me.

So that's it. Grassroots, baby!

And Amy Bennett...so, so great to hear from you. Send an email address! :)

daisy wakefield


congrats on the book coming out! excited to read it. kisses and a skidamarink to tully.


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