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December 30, 2009


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Jennifer Hudock

I got my fiance a Sony Reader as a gift, and we are both diehard booklovers. But you're right, the publishing industry is evolving and changing. You can get just about anything digitally now, which is exciting, and a little scary. It also has great environmental implications. I hope you continue to enjoy your Kindle. Happy Reading!

Le Bas Bleu

Good for you ! I think your reasons are rock solid. And, when you travel, you'll be carrying a much lighter load ! Also, most people downloading are doing all the free ebooks :-) Enjoy !


Greg L.

I'm fascinated by this idea of de-separating the author from the intellectual property. if we don't have a physical object (paper) to sell, what happens to literature?

Obviously we sell a new medium as if it really existed, and we continue living in metaphor without realizing it. One more reason the ISPs will eventually take over everything. If entertainment is data, and communication is data, and art is data, then in some way life and humanness is data. And how is it right to commoditize that?

I guess it is right. But I feel like if we are going to reduce art to its primary definition, a specific ordering of electrons, then we should pay in an economy of scale, and not some mythical $10 overhead to Amazon and $0.02 to the author, when in fact, Amazon's costs have to be something closer to the $0.02 per download.

I dunno. It feels like electronic books are part of a scheme to royally screw the author while generating huge amounts of cash for the distributor. Even more disproportionally than with paper books, I mean. The author should get a good piece of that massive reward.

And are we getting closer to a platonic vision of literature by separating the art from a physical medium?

[1334th in an infinite series of half-baked ideas while occupied with ten other things at work.]

Spencer L Casey

Kristin. I love the pic of just opening the box. Feels so good. Here's the thing. I am a lover of all things books as well. And I still purchase books. But I also enjoy them as audiobooks and through my Kindle. That's got to be OK. Enjoy it. No justification necessary. I mean, just show it to them. What word lover wouldn't melt? :)


Spencer Casey

Spencer L Casey

I forgot to mention that you can highlight text in a novel and make notes to your heart's content. I use it when I want to look something up later.


I love my first gen Kindle, too, but I still borrow from the library, buy books, trade books with friends and read a make-your-hands-filthy NYT daily. Variety is the spice of life and no one should be above electronic reading. As a secondary teacher, it's important for me to experience pop culture and emerging trends! Read that Kindle, K!


As a fellow expat in a small city in China, I am suffering from the worst kind of book withdrawal. And I'm a librarian, which makes this all much worse. I crave physical books, but I make due with audiobooks and e-books. I don't have a Kindle, but I am drooling over your new one! For now I just have to download e-books and read them on my laptop. I'll do whatever it takes to indulge my reading habits! E-Readers are a godsend for expats.

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