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January 15, 2010


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Thank you for these videos! I've been a lurker here & my family is moving to Harbin this summer and i've been trying to figure out which reader to get, since not having access to an english library is going to kill me. I really loved the Nook but i happened to read an article mentioning that you can't buy books overseas for some reason, sooooo it looks like it wil need to be the kindle for me!

Dawn Herring

You do have a way of introducing something new in a very entertaining manner. I smiled several times with your humor. Your experience is made fascinating with your personal take on your kindle. Keep it coming!

Dawn Herring
JournalWriter Freelance

Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Hey Ameya,

Wow...Harbin! That's exciting. We haven't made it to the ice festival there yet, but hope to.

You're right...I doubt you're going to find many books in English in Harbin. An e-reader is a great idea. (I love my "real" books, too, but...) So far, the Kindle has served my needs well. Stayed tuned...in future videos, I'm going to look at subscribing to blogs & newspapers.


Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Hi Dawn,

Thanks! Glad my humor makes you smile...it makes my husband roll his eyes. :)

Lots more to come!

Spencer L Casey

I am seriously loving these posts Kristin. I don't know another soul who has a Kindle, so I feel like I'm finally connecting with someone who gets just how cool they can be.

Favorite stuff changes constantly, but a couple of things.

First, for me, if I get to a word in a novel and I'm not quite certain of its meaning, I hate stopping to look it up. Such a buzz kill. On Kindle, you just joystick over to the word and a short definition pops up at the bottom of the screen. It's fantastic.

Recently, it's been My Clippings, which is where the note taking and highlighter stuff goes. It's so easy to take notes anywhere in a book and/or highlight anything. A little tip that took me a long time to figure out. If you want to edit My Clippings, you do it by plugging the Kindle into your computer and opening the My Clipping txt file, editing it and then resaving. You can't do it on the Kindle itself.

Keep it up. Great fun!




I was not able to fit a Kindle in my budget this year, probably because I opted to buy an iphone in Hong Kong instead. I was really lamenting this decision until I discovered that with Kindle for iphone, I can buy and download via whispersync all the same books for Kindle from Amazon (I think you need to have a US credit card with billing address in the US in order to download wirelessly - are you able to do that in Shanghai, too? I was so surprised, I thought I'd have to download to my laptop and then transfer via USB.) Yeah, the screen is tiny and there's no e-ink, but I am craving English books so badly I really don't care. And the ease of instantly receiving books!? And I can take it with me everywhere so easily!? I'm so excited. BTW, I'd love to read your book - will it be available on the Kindle?


Well, duh, just watched the video (with a VPN!) and you answered my question - you can use Whispersync, too. :)

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