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January 29, 2010


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Spencer L Casey

Hey Kristin,
Like most everyone else, I was heavily anticipating the release of the new tablet from Apple. I really didn't know what to expect and stayed away from all the conjecture, but spent a good portion of an important meeting checking my Blackberry for the news on the day of Steve's announcement.
At this point I'm either just going to bite the credit card bullet and get one of the first ones out of the gate. Or probably wait for a year for version two. It's a toy mostly (you can type on it with a virtual keyboard) with very little practical application for me personally. But I don't care. My gadget monkey is on my shoulders!

On note taking on Kindle. Admittedly I haven't done that a lot. But if you have a blackberry type device the thumb typing is second nature and you can take notes fairly quickly. I use the highlighter a lot, but I haven't had much need yet to take notes. It'd be a hard transition from pen and paper.

And with your two-year old, just keep in mind that no matter what you've heard about terrible twos, the third year is much, much harder. :)

Cheers and thanks for the post.



Hi Kristin,

Yes, the release of the iPad was much anticipated - and I am actually a little disappointed. It basically seems like a large version of the iPod touch or iPhone. It is not going to really replace a laptop or the computer you currently use, it is too big to replace an MP3 player, and, for me, it will not replace my Kindle.

The primary reason is that it does not use the same eink technology employed by the Kindle and other competing e-readers. Of course, the graphics are very cool, but reading on the iPad is going to be akin to reading on the computer, which is the primary reason why I enjoy reading on the Kindle so much. It doesn't hurt my eyes to read from it for hours on end like reading from a bright computer screen does.

I am a mac user and avoid using a PC if I can, but at the moment I am going to stick to what I have and see if later generations of the iPad have more to offer!


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