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June 24, 2010


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PJ Kaiser

That is *so* adorable - what a sweet connection they have and how wonderful that you are able to continue it even though you all live on different continents! Looks like a wonderful outing :-)

Byron Hinterland Accommodation

Hey love your story - Tully and Katie are both gorgeous. Adoption is such an important part of families in modern society.


Lovely story and adorable pictures! In high school I babysat for a family with 2 daughters they adopted from China. The younger daughter was adopted when she was about 4 years old. She had a very special friend who lived about 2 hours away who had been with her in the orphanage and was adopted on the same trip. The girls used to sleep together at the orphanage, and at first had a really hard time adjusting to being apart. They each had a framed photo of each other next to their beds to say goodnight to. I remember their mother saying how glad she was that they had each other (and would as they grew older) but also how glad she was to have another mother in her situation.

Casey Freeland

I love the story of your adoption, and this just adds more beautiful narrative. Thank you for sharing.



What a beautiful story (words and photos) -- I'm glad Tully has Katie as her life-long friend! Hope you continue to enjoy your time here with friends and family!

Brian Stelmack

Hey Kristin, loved the post and pictures from our day together! Katie loved seeing Tully and still continues to talk about the day they spent together. Loved the picture of them holding hands and the hug photo came out great! I remember one observer saw the hug and said "it doesn't get any better than that".

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